National Achievement Test SY 2010-2011

February 28, 2011

Dear Parents,

Greetings of Peace!

Last week, we sent you a letter sharing with you the school’s outstanding performance in the SY 2010-2011 NCAE (National Career Assessment Examination) Results. During the NAT (National Achievement Test) Orientation last Friday, February 25, 2011, the Department of Education released the scores of all private schools in Rizal for the NAT exam.

A little background on the National Achievement Test (NAT), all Grade 6 and 2nd Year High School students of educational institutions in the country are required to take this test. It measures the ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT of students at critical levels such as Grade 6 and mid high school (2nd year). If students poorly performed, it would mean that insufficient learning took place.

Our record will speak for itself. BASED ON THE SY 2010-2011 NAT RESULTS, we continue to be SUPERIOR in performance. Below are the scores and ranking that the Department of Education released:

GRADE 6 (61-75 Category)

School                                                               Score                   Rank

Child Jesus of Prague School                            62.68                     1

Morning Dew Montessori School                            58.64                     2

Sta. Cecilia Parochial School                                53.73                      3

St. John the Baptist Parochial School                    50.79                      4

SECOND (2nd) YEAR HIGH SCHOOL (91-105 Category)

School                                                               Score                   Rank

Child Jesus of Prague School                           53.64                     1

Taytay United Methodist Christian School             49.76                       2

Greenfield Montessori School                               41.71                       3

Talim Island Academy Foundation Inc.                  33.19                       4

Three levels were tested by the Department of Education for ACADEMIC COMPETENCE, 4th Year Students (NCAE), 2nd Year Students (NAT) and Grade 6 Students (NAT). Out of these three levels, we came out to have an OUTSTANDING and SUPERIOR performance.

We bring all the glory back to the inspiration behind the school. God continues to be our guide and motivation. Your unending support, as parents, likewise led to our numerous successes. On behalf of the school, I wish to CONGRATULATE all of our students and you parents.


Alvin Peter A. Aprecio

CJPS VP for School Operations